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A Magical Weekend at FanExpo Vancouver: Family, Friends, and Neil Newbon!

by Jessica Stevenson 21 Feb 2024

This year’s FanExpo Vancouver was an unforgettable adventure! From the heart of Vancouver, we dove into a weekend filled with magic, community, and unforgettable moments. Here’s a glimpse into our spellbinding journey.

Family First

One of the highlights of this year’s FanExpo was the chance to share the experience with my family. Staying in Vancouver for the weekend meant my kids and husband were by my side, turning the event into a family escapade. Witnessing their awe and excitement as they explored the convention brought a whole new level of joy to the weekend.

Community and Connections

FanExpo isn’t just about the customers; it’s about the community. This year, I was thrilled to reconnect with so many repeat customers, whose enthusiasm and support continue to fuel my passion. New faces also graced our booth, each one leaving with a piece of our magic to take home.

Sharing laughs, stories, and support with fellow creators at the event was a highlight. While there are too many incredible vendors to list them all, special shout-outs go to those who hold a special place in our journey. Adventure Dice, who carries our products, and MTM Printworks, who supplied the figures that go into our Gelatinous Cube soap, - your camaraderie and spirit truly reinforce the unique community vibe that makes these events so memorable.

A Moment with Neil Newbon

A standout moment of the weekend was meeting Neil Newbon, whose kindness and humour left a lasting impression. Not only did he charm us with his wit—quipping “Don’t worry, I’m only a vampire on the weekends”—but he also coaxed my very shy daughter into joining our photo, creating a cherished memory for our family. And yes, in a delightful realization, my daughter later whispered, “but it *is* the weekend!”

During our encounter, I had the pleasure of gifting Neil a bar of our Dungeon Master soap. Sharing a piece of our craft with someone so admired in the gaming and acting community was a highlight of the weekend and a reminder of the magic we aim to create with each product.

Family group shot with Neil Newbon

The Magic Continues

As we pack away our potions and soaps, reflecting on the whirlwind of FanExpo, I’m filled with gratitude. To our customers, new and old, to the friends and fellow vendors who shared in our journey, and to the magical moments that remind us why we do what we do—thank you.

This weekend was a reminder that our adventure is just beginning, and with a bit of magic, community, and perhaps a little soap, there’s no telling where we’ll go next.
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