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The Summer Soak Quest

by Jessica Stevenson 24 Jun 2023

Beat the Heat and Level Up Your Bath Game

Do you think a hero's quest for relaxation ends when the sun is high and the heat is scorching? Absolutely not! Embarking on a Summer Soak Quest might be a bit unconventional, but so are we. And let's face it, quests are all about overcoming challenges and making the impossible, possible.

As your trusty scribe, I'm here to document the epic tale of how you can conquer the heat, gain epic relaxation XP, and take a refreshing bath even in the heat of summer. Here are the key ingredients to your quest:

1. Magic Water (Temperature): Your quest begins by controlling your magical water source. No, we're not talking about summoning a water elemental (though how cool would that be!). Instead, fill your tub only halfway and opt for lukewarm water. It's just enough to cool off without making you feel like a popsicle.

2. Airflow Glyphs (Ventilation): Proper ventilation can mean the difference between a refreshing soak and turning your bathroom into a steam room. Keep a door or window open to keep the air moving. It's like casting an Airflow Glyph, if you will.

3. Elemental Bath Bombs or Airy Bubble Cakes: Now, what's a quest without some cool gear? Equip yourself with your favorite Fantasy Soapworks bath bombs for that additional boost of bath magic. Whether it's the calming influence of a water-based bomb or the energizing effect of a fire bomb, your baths are bound to be epic! Alternatively, you might summon the frothy magic of one of our Bubble Cakes to add a layer of luxurious, skin-softening bubbles to your quest. Choose your weapon!

4. Frosty Elixirs (Cool Beverages): Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Remember to keep a cool drink nearby to replenish your health and hydration stats. Whether it's a refreshing glass of iced water, a magical chilled herbal tea, or your favorite concoction from your local potion master, staying hydrated is important. For the added fun, my personal favorite elixir for this adventure is a frosty iced latte. 

5. Cooling Spells (Fans): If you have access to some modern magic, a fan can add a chill breeze to your quest. Just be sure to keep any electrical devices a safe distance from your tub!

So gather your ingredients, brave heroes, and get ready for the ultimate summer challenge. The Summer Soak Quest awaits you. Will you accept the call?

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