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All About Soap!

by Shopify API 21 Jul 2020

Ever wonder how to care for your handmade soap?

Your soap will begin to dissolve when in contact with water. This means you should keep your soap out of standing water by using a well draining soap dish or soap saver. Keep it out of the direct stream of your shower as well! Using a washcloth, pouf, or soap pouch will also help extend the life of your soap.

For optimal fragrance, please keep your soap wrapped and in a dry, dark location until ready to be used.

What makes handmade soap better?

Most "soap" bars on the commercial market aren't truly soap! If you look at the label, you may see vague terms such as "beauty bar" or "cleanser". This is because they use detergents and not true soap. For some applications, detergents are better, but for true cleaning power, you just can't beat real soap!


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