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Level Up Your Bath Time: Re-Introducing Bubble Baskets!

by Jessica Stevenson 06 Jun 2024

Hey, fellow bath lovers and geeky friends! 🛁✨

Ready to make your bath time even more awesome? We’ve re-introduced a tool that’s going to change the way you bubble – meet our Bubble Baskets! These handy tools make using bubble cakes a breeze, giving you tons of fluffy bubbles with zero hassle.

What’s a Bubble Basket?

Think of a bubble basket as your bath time sidekick. It’s designed to hold your bubble cakes under the faucet, making sure you get the most bubbles possible without any extra effort. No more breaking bubble cakes apart and hoping for the best – with our bubble basket, you’re guaranteed a tub full of bubbles every time.


How to Use a Bubble Basket

Using a bubble basket is super easy. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Pick Your Bubble Cake: Grab your favorite bubble cake from our lineup. Will it be the whimsical Unicorn, electrifying Thunderboltor the mystical Mermaid? Or you can mix and match!

  2. Place It in the Basket: Pop your bubble cake into the bubble basket. To speed up the process, feel free to crumble or chop your bubble cake before placing it in the basket.

  3. Run It Under Water: Hook the basket onto your faucet directly under the running water while you fill your tub. 

  4. Enjoy Your Bubble Bath: Once your tub is filled with delightful bubbles, it’s time to jump in and relax. Enjoy your geeky bubble paradise! 🛀✨

    Explore Our Geeky Bubble Cake Collection

    Don’t miss out on our full range of bubble cakes to use with your new bubble basket. Whether you’re in the mood for a Dragon’s Breath adventure or a Royal Peach escape, we’ve got you covered. Each one is crafted with love, inspired by our favorite fandoms, and designed to make your bath time truly magical.

    Ready to level up your bath time? Head over to our shop and grab your bubble basket today. Don’t forget to share your bubbly adventures with us on social media using #FantasySoapworks. We can’t wait to see what you create!

    Stay bubbly and geeky,
    The Fantasy Soapworks Team 💖✨

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