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Unleash Magic with Dice Bombs - Featuring the New Barbarian Scent!

by Jessica Stevenson 20 Apr 2024

Welcome back to the enchanted world of Fantasy Soapworks, where every bath bomb adds a little magic to your routine! Today, we're excited to dive deep into one of our most beloved creations: Dice Bombs. Perfect for gamers and fantasy lovers alike, these bath bombs bring a touch of adventure right to your tub. And we’ve got thrilling news: our lineup has expanded with the fierce new Barbarian scent!

What Are Dice Bombs?
Dice Bombs are not just your ordinary bath bombs; they are a gateway to mystical lands and exciting quests. Each bomb is carefully crafted to represent different character classes from the beloved world of Dungeons & Dragons. Inside every Dice Bomb, you’ll find a complete set of dice, ready to aid you on your next roleplaying adventure. It’s a perfect blend of relaxation and imagination.

Highlighting Our Newest Addition - The Barbarian Dice Bomb
This week, we are thrilled to introduce the Barbarian Dice Bomb, designed for those who embrace the wild and the bold. Inspired by the rugged spirit of Barbarians, this bomb features a daring blend of leather and suede scents, colored in striking red and black to evoke the essence of a warrior's courage and strength. Whether you're gearing up for a game night or winding down after a quest, the Barbarian Dice Bomb is your perfect companion.

Why Dice Bombs?
Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just looking to add some excitement to your bath time, Dice Bombs offer a unique experience. Not only do they provide the soothing benefits of a luxury bath bomb with soothing rice bran oil, but they also ignite the imagination with each fizz and bubble. Plus, the surprise of discovering which set of dice emerges is akin to uncovering a hidden treasure in your favorite RPG.

Available Varieties
Our collection includes a variety of scents and colors, each representing different classes:

  • Druid: Enveloped in earthy tones, perfect for those who draw strength from nature.
  • Ranger: Infused with the essence of woodland explorations.
  • Cleric: Radiating divine scents to heal even the weariest adventurers.
  • And many more, including our new Barbarian!

Where to Find Them
Several Dice Bomb varieties were just restocked, and you can also find them at conventions with our friends Adventure Dice (check their convention schedule here). They're perfect for gifts, game nights, or simply treating yourself to an epic bath experience.

So, whether you're battling dragons or just battling stress, elevate your next bath with Fantasy Soapworks’ Dice Bombs. Remember, with every bath bomb, you’re not just cleansing; you're creating stories.

Ready to roll the dice on your next bath adventure? Browse our full range of Dice Bombs now and find your perfect match for an enchanted evening!

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